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Intellectual Property - Core (short form)   Tags: copyright, intellectual property, patent, trademark  

A condensed version of the intellectual property research guide.
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Intellectual Property - Core (Short Form)

Overview: This list has been culled from the longer research path entitled Intellectual Property Law: a Selective Research Guide. It is also selective and attempts to provide sources which are comprehensive in their treatment of broad sub-areas of intellectual property law and practice. The guide starts with major multi-volume loose leaf treatises and includes a few additional subject specific resources identified as elective titles. All of these items are available via the World Wide Web, proprietary on-line databases, or through the WMU-Cooley library system. Annotations provide brief descriptions and do not purport to serve as critiques or endorsements of the titles’ contents or authority.

Callmann on Unfair Competition, Trademarks, and Monopolies by Louis Altman, Rudolf Callmann
Callmann’s original treatise continues as this multi-volume resource. The set provides indepth analysis of unfair competition relating to trademarks, trade secrets, misappropriations and monopolies. The full text of selected legislation and administrative regulations are included as is a Table of Trademarks, Trade Names and Slogans. Also available through Westlaw (CALLMANN) and WestlawNext.

Location: KF1609.C33 1981 (AH, L)

Chisum on Patents: a Treatise on the Law of Patentability, Validity and Infringement by Donald S. Chisum
This multi-volume reference analyzes all aspects of patent law including validity, infringement, application procedures, perfecting rights to an invention, effects of GATT on the U.S. patent process, etc. Precedent, case law, statutes and international treaties are examined in detail. Abstracts of all federal circuit decisions, arranged topically with a chronological case table, can be found in volumes 11-14. The set is updated by regular loose leaf releases and cumulative supplements. Also available through Lexis (PATENT;CHISUM) and Lexis Advance.

Location: KF3114.C472 (AH, L)

Eckstrom’s Licensing in Foreign and Domestic Operations by David M. Epstein
The regularly updated four volumes which comprise this resource present a comprehensive treatise on the licensing and protection of intellectual property rights, with contributions by over twenty prominent practitioners and policy setters. The fifth edition continues coverage of U.S. and world licensing operations and increases the attention given to new technologies and emerging markets. Also available through Westlaw (ECKLICN; ECKLICN-JV; ECKLICNFO) and WestlawNext.

Location: K1530.E34 (AH)

Gilson on Trademarks by Anne Gilson LaLonde & Karin Green
This multi-volume regularly updated loose leaf treatise provides a comprehensive discussion and analysis of trademark law and practice. Of note is the consistently updated bank of forms, tailored to a myriad of specific applications and circumstances. Also available through Lexis (PATENT;GILSON) and Lexis Advance. [A core collection could include this title and/or McCarthy on Trademarks below.]

Location: KF3180.G54 (AH)

McCarthy on Trademarks by J. Thomas McCarthy
This regularly supplemented six volume treatise includes explanation and analysis of trademark statutes and cases, as well as guidance on protecting, litigating and defending against unfair competition and infringement under domestic and international law. Also available through Westlaw (MCCARTHY)  and WestlawNext.

Location: KF3180.M292 (AH, GR, L, TB)

Manual for the Handling of Applications for Patents, Designs and Trade Marks Throughout the World
This regularly updated multi-volume loose leaf service provides a comprehensive international manual for the protection of industrial property and the handling of patent, design and trademark applications.

Location: K1500.M36 (AH)

Manual of Patent Examining Procedure (MPEP). U.S. Patent and Trademark Office
This is the official USPTO manual; all patent attorneys, examiners and applicants should be well versed in its contents and use. Also available through Lexis (PATENT;MPEP), Lexis Advance, and the USPTO Website:

Location: KF3120.A4 1998 (L)

Milgrim on Trade Secrets by Roger M. Milgrim
This four-volume, loose-leaf treatise analyzes both traditional employer/employee/agent trade secret issues as well as possible problems arising out of taxation, antitrust, administrative matters, industrial espionage and criminal misappropriation. Also available through Lexis (PATENT;MILGRIM) and Lexis Advance.

Location: KF3197.M54 1967 (AH, L)

Nimmer on Copyright: A Treatise on the Law of Literary, Musical and Artistic Property, and the Protection of Ideas by Melville B. Nimmer, David Nimmer
This often-cited work provides comprehensive coverage of U.S. copyright law for both traditional issues and those engendered by ever changing technological advancement. Specific coverage is afforded to such areas as print works, dramatic renditions, music, artistic property rights, copyright protections systems and the Internet. The multi-volume loose leaf treatise includes relevant law (Copyright Act, Digital Millennium Copyright Act, international treaties, etc.) with commentary, transaction and litigation forms with expert analysis, scholarly discussion, and legislative history. Also available through Lexis (COPYRT;NIMMER) and Lexis Advance.

Location: KF2991.5.N5 (AH, L, TB)

Trademark Manual of Examining Procedure (TMEP), U.S. Patent and Trademark Office
This is the official government manual which contains guidelines for examining trademark applications. It is an essential source for trademark examiners, attorneys and applicants. It may be searched, studied and downloaded free of charge. Also in Lexis (PATENT;TMEP) and at the USPTO Website:

Location: KF3181.A329i (Online resource)

The United States Patents Quarterly. Bureau of National Affairs (BNA)
This source, which issues weekly advance sheets, serves as a national digest and reporter service for intellectual property case law. The USPQ started its 2nd series in 1987; the original series covers 1929-1986. 

Location: KF2975.3.B87 (AH, L, also  online through BNA )

Additional Core Collection Titles (Elective)

Fox on Canadian Law of Trademarks and Unfair Competition by Kelly Gill, R. Scott Jolliffe
This treatise offers comprehensive coverage of Canadian trademark law. Topics include distinctiveness and use, passing off, acquisition and registration, infringement and remedies, defenses, criminal offenses, goodwill issues, likelihood of confusion, and unfair competition. This text has been regularly updated by loose leaf releases.

Location: KE2988.A6 G54 (AH)

Intellectual Property Taxation: Transaction and Litigation Issues by Jeffrey A. Maine, Xuan-Thao N. Nguyen
The authors review the tax treatment of different types of intellectual property including patents, trademarks, trade secrets, and copyright as well as treatment of the different stages of intellectual property, such as IP development, acquisition, and transfers. A notable feature is the coverage of federal and state tax regulation of e-commerce. The text is updated by annual supplements.

Location: KF6428.I5 M35 2003 (AH)

Intellectual Property Valuation: A Primer for Identifying and Determining Value by Weston Anson, Donna Suchy
Written by experts in this area of law, the primer provides a guide to accurate valuation of intellectual property and intangible assets. It includes case studies and explores both traditional and non-traditional methods of valuation.

Location: KF2979.A85 2005 (AH)

Intellectual Property World Desk Reference: A Guide to Practice by Country, State, and Province ed. by Anthony Prenol, John L. Welch, and Dawn H. Giebelhaus-Mains
As the title suggests, this two volume loose leaf publication provides a succinct and practical ready reference to what intellectual property is protected in the covered countries, and how that protection can be accomplished. Information necessary to completing transactions (e.g. limitations on royalty rates, whether private agreements are subject to government approval).

Location: K1401.I576 (AH)

International Copyright Principles, Law, and Practice by Paul Goldstein
The author presents an exhaustive analysis of copyright under domestic code, case and common law, international and comparative law, treaty arrangements, and private international law as it applies to litigation and transactional practice. In addition to the scholarly discussion, this text provides a practical and logical guide for advising clients in the area of international authors’ rights and copyright law.

Location: K1420.5.G65 2013 (AH)

McCarthy’s Desk Encyclopedia of Intellectual Property by J. Thomas McCarthy, Roger E. Schechter, & David J. Franklyn
This one-volume desk book provides dictionary like entries for terms of art used in intellectual property law. Terms such as best mode, dependent claim, fair use, geographic mark and presumption of validity are conferred a column, or perhaps a page. The target audience includes the law student, non- specialist, or intellectual property attorney who wants a quickreference aid at his desk or in his briefcase.

Location: KF2976.4.M38 2004 (AH, L)

Lindey on Entertainment, Publishing and the Arts: Agreements and the Law by Alexander Lindey, Michael Landau
One of the leading references for entertainment law, this multi-volume treatise covers all areas of communication and the arts, including sound recordings, computer software, motion pictures, books, magazines and mass media. It provides forms, agreements, clauses and commentary on drafting custom contracts. Updated annually, including appendices and case tables. Also available through Westlaw (LINDEY) and WestlawNext.

Location: KF2992.L52 (AH, L, TB)

Patent Licensing Transactions by Harold Einhorn
This is an expansive treatise which is regularly updated through loose leaf releases. Chapters include "Principal Rights and Obligations," "Duration and Termination," "Foreign Licensing," "Biotechnology Licenses," "Antitrust Considerations," "Tax Planning," "Patent Settlement Agreements," "Export Administration," and "Relevant Federal Acquisition Regulations." Relevant case law, statutes, and international agreements are cited and explained in extensive footnotes to the textual discussion. Also available through Lexis (PATENT;PALITR) and Lexis Advance.

Location: KF1355.B87 1963 v.14 (AH, TB)

Patent Office Rules and Practice by Lester Horowitz
Horowitz provides a detailed analysis of the PTO Rules of Practice, explanations of the rules contained in 37 CFR, citations to relevant case law and a large library of forms (over 350) which may be used when practicing before the PTO. It is available in print and CD-ROM. Also available through Lexis (PATENT;PTORUL) and Lexis Advance.

Location: KF3120.A6 H67 (L)

Patry on Copyright by William F. Patry
The author presents a comprehensive treatise on the history and present state of copyright protection. Current protection under the U.S. Constitution and legislation, international conventions and individual foreign jurisdictions is covered in twenty-five detailed and interpretive sections. This multi-volume resource is updated by annual loose leaf supplements. Also available through Westlaw (PATRYCOPY) and WestlawNext.

Location: KF2991.5.P38 (AH)

Walker on Patents by R. Carl Moy
This regularly updated multi-volume source successfully marries a scholarly discussion of the underlying concepts of patent law with a practical tool for the experienced practitioner. Also available through Westlaw and WestlawNext as Moy’s Walker on Patents (MOY-PAT).

Location: KF3114.D442 (AH)


Author Information

This guide was authored by Marlene Coir. 

It is maintained and updated by Mike Bird

Last updated 7/28/17.


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